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Online Consultation with Doctor

Seeking immediate medical care but unable to visit doctor's office in person? Wishing to steer clear of busy urgent care centers? Online health care is the solution. Consult our licensed healthcare practitioners for anything related to your health.

Virtual Doctor Consultation in 4 Easy Steps!

1.    Describe your condition
2.    Pay consultation fees
3.    Evaluation by practitioner
4.    Get prescription, pick up meds

With telemedicine, distance is no longer a barrier to receiving medical care. Instead of visiting a physical clinic, you can use your smartphone or computer to get online consultation services.  It's particularly beneficial for people living in remote areas or with limited mobility, as they can get the best virtual primary care.

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Online Consultation with Doctor

Pay Your Consultation Fee On Each Visit

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No need to take time out of your busy day or spend a fortune on primary healthcare when you can get instant consultation online 24/7.

No Need to Wait Weeks for Physician’s Appointment

Everyone deserves medical aid, care, and support, and we are here to help you real quick.

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Consultation Form

Select your condition and fill out a brief medical history.

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Instant Assessment

A health care practitioner will review and prescribe Rx.

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Pay & Collect Rx

Pick up your medicines from your local pharmacy.

Refund Policy: 

Our consultation fee is non-refundable. However, we may refund if a health care practitioner doesn’t provide you with a treatment plan or if you cancel the online consultation (terms and conditions apply.)

Contact our customer support representative to confirm whether or not you are entitled to the refund.


Medicines Aren’t Included In Consultation Fee!

We only charge for online medical consultations. You need to pay the pharmacy to get your medicines.

Pay Per Visit:

There is no contract or monthly subscriptions. Just pay your consultation fee on each visit. You can also submit a consultation form for another person (your friend or family member.)

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