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AlphaCare Inc. brings you quick, easy, and quality primary care through licensed health care practitioners. We help patients with the best online medical consultation and treatment plans for non-emergency illnesses.

Get medical consultations online! Skip video or phone chats – simply submit a consultation form for our physicians to review and experience stress-free completion of your treatment plan.

Our online doctor consultation and prescription refill services are readily available to put healthcare at your fingertips.

If You Have Any Medical Emergency, Please Call 911.

Online Medical Consultation
Our Process!

AlphaCare Inc. allows people to consult with our team of healthcare practitioners across the USA. We have a highly qualified team of licensed practitioners on board to manage various medical conditions online. With us, you can get the best online doctor consultation, treatment plans, prescription refills, and lab or radiology test requisition services without time and distance constraints.

  1. Select a medical condition and fill out the form.
  2. Pay consultation fee and get evaluated by a practitioner.
  3. Have your lab or imaging requisitions online (if required.)
  4. Get prescription and pick up your medicines from local pharmacy.
We Provide 20+ Medical Specialities

Patients Love AlphaCare Inc.

Dental Infection


The best service ever

Annais Abreu

Strep Throat


I was initially hesitated about obtaining a prescription online, but found it simple and quick. I received prescribed medication with no problem at the pharmacy I asked them to send it to.

Lara Wilson

Dental Infection


I have a tooth infection and I requested a prescription for antibiotics this morning.Few hours later my prescription was ready for pick up at my pharmacy.I Highly recommend them .Thank you.

Franck Hierholzer

Strep Throat


They quickly responded and submitted the rx directly to the pharmacy. I appreciate their timely assistance and dedication to excellent service.

Sabrina Hendley

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


It was a bit confusing after the script was sent, but after 2 calls to them everything was quickly resolved. Thank you

Danita Hubbard

We treat non-emergency medical conditions only. Our healthcare practitioners provide online consultations for selected diseases. 
There are some conditions we don’t treat including but not limited to;

  1. Emergency conditions 
  2. Newly discovered diseases 
  3. Conditions requiring physical examinations 
  4. Conditions requiring procedures and surgery
  5. Complex medical conditions such as cancer, HIV, etc. 



It depends on your medical condition because we only provide services for common diseases. We do not cater to emergency conditions. We are licensed to practice in several states, so you can fill out a consultation form to see if we are in your state. 



Yes, you can request an Rx refill. However, our healthcare practitioner will first verify your condition, medication, and dosage before issuing the prescription refill. We do not prescribe and refill restricted medications. 





Our consultation fee is non-refundable. However, in specific cases, we may consider a refund if the healthcare practitioner didn't provide you with the treatment plan (terms and conditions apply.)



It normally takes a few hours to complete the consultation process. After successful submission of consultation form, your prescription will be sent to your email in 2-3 hours. So, always provide a working email ID to stay updated about your consultation progress with AlphaCare Inc. to avoid any possible delay because of wrong ID or unreplied email.


AlphaCare Inc. is available 24 hours a day, round the year; even on holidays. Use our telemedicine service as a convenient substitute for visiting a doctor’s office or as an alternative to lengthy wait for an appointment.

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