Online Medical Tests Made Easy

AlphaCare Inc. offers online lab test ordering services for your convenience. Just submit your request for online medical lab tests, and laboratories on our panel will take care of everything associated with it. There is no need for an in-person visit with a physician because you can get your lab test requisitions processed through our seamless virtual lab order submission services.

Online Medical Test Ordering Simplified

We are committed to empower people take charge of their health through easy-to-order, best online lab testing. You can effortlessly order online lab test, which eliminates the need for an in-person appointment with a doctor.

We have partnered with medical laboratories all over the country to help patients receive all required medical care online instead of moving around the town.

Lab testing

Lab testing
Pay Online or Avail Self-Pay Option
3 Easy Steps

Get your lab testing done with our quick and easy process.

how it works
Select Lab Test

Choose a lab test and pay online or select the self-pay option.

how it works
Sample Collection

Visit our partner testing center to give the required sample for the test.

how it works
Collect Reports

Your lab test results will be ready in 2-5 days after requesting online.

Refund Policy:

Our consultation fee is non-refundable. However, we may refund if a health care practitioner doesn’t provide you with a treatment plan or if you cancel the online consultation (terms and conditions apply.)

Contact our customer support representative to confirm whether or not you are entitled to the refund.


Medicines Aren’t Included In Consultation Fee!

We only charge for online medical consultations. You need to pay the pharmacy to get your medicines.

Pay Per Visit:

There is no contract or monthly subscriptions. Just pay your consultation fee on each visit. You can also submit a consultation form for another person (your friend or family member.)