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Privacy Policy

Greetings! AlphaCare Inc. is thankful to you for making a visit on our website. It is a pleasure to provide the prospect of making the Internet a safe, protected and steadfast platform to disseminate knowledge and conduct business. 

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain the procedure of gathering and using information from the visitors of our website AlphaCare Inc. All of AlphaCare Inc. fields recommend the collection and use practices of the similar information, and these practices are mentioned in this privacy policy. If a practice is exclusive to a specific field in AlphaCare Inc. this policy will define that practice thoroughly and pertain directly to the suitable field.

Your Data, Your Control: AlphaCare Inc. Privacy Policy Explained

AlphaCare Inc. Privacy Policy statement, reports the subsequent issues:

  • The websites and material enclosed by this Privacy Policy
  • What information should be gathered and how it will be utilized
  • Any possible outcomes generating from your disapproval to provide personal information;
  • Usage of cookies, tracking IP addresses or any other methods to collect information;
  • Who is accumulating your personal information;
  • Sharing of your personal information 
  • Concerning links to third party sites, what is a company's policy;
  • What choices you have concerning the use of your personal information;
  • How you can approach, and when found necessary, alter the personal information a company gathers and upholds;
  • How a company makes assurance of data security, quality, and righteousness; and,
  • Where and how to ask your queries or register complaints.

What does this Privacy Policy be relevant to?

This privacy policy is applicable to the website functioned by AlphaCare Inc.

It is noteworthy that this privacy policy is applicable to information submitted and gathered online only via website(s) mentioned above, and is not applicable to information that might be accumulated by AlphaCare Inc. offline. Further to this, this privacy policy is applicable only to sites sustained by AlphaCare Inc. and not to websites supported by other companies or organizations to which we connect. AlphaCare Inc. is henceforth not accountable for the content or events mentioned on such sites.

What sort of information does AlphaCare Inc. assemble and how will it be used?

AlphaCare Inc. assembles the information without being paid for it. The personal information AlphaCare Inc. assembles is exclusively used for coordination and will appear: (1) AlphaCare Inc. Membership registration form; (2) a customer complaint or query forwarded to the Support Team; (3) AlphaCare Inc. survey; (4) AlphaCare Inc. Medical facilities; (5) AlphaCare Inc. referral services; (6) other overall information confined in an email (e.g., comments). The variety of information that may be demanded for every activity and the instructions to use the information are mentioned underneath.

AlphaCare Inc. Membership registration form

Individuals who intend to take part in the activities on the site are demanded to fill AlphaCare Inc. Membership registration form. The intreated information might inculcate the individual's name, address, telephone, electronic mail (email) address, job, area of specialization, qualifications as well as demographic data. AlphaCare Inc. makes use of this information to interact with the individuals concerning participation and, if eligible, interacting with such a member continuously regarding accreditation and compliance.

Customer Complaints Forwarded to the Support Team

Occasionally, the Support Team obtains complaints or questions regarding the AlphaCare Inc. services. When a complaint or query is received, the Support Team swiftly inspects it, and then, when it is suitable, replies to the individual who sent the inquiry through the email address from where the request instigated.

AlphaCare Inc. Survey

AlphaCare Inc. may conduct surveys. The surveys are managed firmly for internal profiling and just to have traces of anonymous demographic data.

General Information Confined in Email

AlphaCare Inc.’s website carries numerous links by which an online visitor can email us. AlphaCare Inc. assembles personal information controlled in the email to respond to the inquiries of customer's interrogations and/or remarks.

It doesn’t make any difference about the method we incorporate to gather information and how we use that information, we gather only the required information to accomplish your online requirements and our legitimate business aims.

What happens if I refuse to provide my personal information to AlphaCare Inc.?

If you do not wish to submit personal information when demanded, you might be unable to access some areas of our site and may significantly bound the services we can offer you. In order to use our site, nevertheless, you do not need to give us any personal information.

Does AlphaCare Inc. use cookies, track IP addresses or use other passive means to collect information?


AlphaCare Inc. uses cookies to perform different website functionalities without trouble. A "cookie" refers to a file or record-maintaining device that websites often hoard on a user's computer.

IP Addresses

AlphaCare Inc. might collect your IP address for protection and safety purposes. 

Who is collecting my personal information?

The information that you reveal while visiting our website is accumulated by AlphaCare Inc. or a vendor on behalf of AlphaCare Inc., and is used in the way stated above.

With whom does AlphaCare Inc. share my personal information?

From time to time, AlphaCare Inc. may share your personal information with vendors who use it merely to offer assistance for the internal processes of AlphaCare Inc.’s website(s) (e.g., technical support, order fulfillment, and newsletter provision). These folks will not utilize your personal information for any other aim, and have settled to preserve the privacy, safety, and veracity of the personal information they attain from us.

It is our policy not to trade or rent your personal information. We may, still, unveil your personal information to outdoor third parties as defined in this privacy policy. Moreover, we may also release your personal information in the good scenario that we are obligated to do so by law, or that doing so is justifiable to obey with legal procedures; answer to any claims; or, to guard the rights, possessions, or personal safety of AlphaCare Inc. or the public.

Customers may obtain information about third party amenities that are likely to be of awareness. Users of our free service will originally be elected into this program while customers signing up any of our paid service can select to opt in. Customers can elect by ticking on the link given in the email or by making a visit on our site.

We may also use personally recognizable End-User data to offer targeted material and trade openings to End-Users grounded on their basic and behavioral information. We do not publicize the personal medical information of our users.

Lastly, we do not use or publish the personally identifiable information ever given to us online in the way or for motives unconnected to the ones defined above without also providing a chance to select or otherwise exclude such discrete uses.
What is the policy of AlphaCare Inc. concerning links to third party sites?

You should be mindful that while you visit a website operated by AlphaCare Inc., you might get directed to other sites that are out of our reach and for which we are not answerable. Since we cannot promise that the privacy policies of these websites meet our high morals, we suggest that you read the privacy policy of the website before you link and submit any personal information.

How can I access my personal information?

If you want to evaluate, update, or erase any personal information that we may have gathered about you, please interact with us through email.

What safeguards does AlphaCare Inc. use to secure my personal information?

AlphaCare Inc. keeps proper precautions that guarantee the safety, veracity and confidentiality of the personal information we gather from all users. Personal information collected by AlphaCare Inc. is kept in secure operating environments that are accessible to the public and is only available to authorized employees. We also have security procedures in place to compensate the loss, misuse and modification of the information under our regulatory.

How do I ask a question or register a complaint?

If you have any queries, criticisms or remarks concerning our privacy policy or practices, please contact us through email at  

While using this site, you indicate your agreement to the AlphaCare Inc. Online Privacy Policy. If you do not settle to this Privacy Policy, please do not use this site. We hold the right to make variations to this Policy. Please check back timely to confirm you are alert of these fluctuations. Your constant use of this site will imply your acknowledgement of these changes.

HIPPA/PHI Security


AlphaCare Inc., as per law, is needed to sustain the privacy of certain private health care information, known as Protected Health Information or PHI, and to provide you with a notice of our lawful duties and privacy practices relevant to your PHI.  It also requires to stand by the terms of the version of this Notice presently in effect.

Uses and Disclosures of PHI:  AlphaCare Inc. may use PHI for the purposes of treatment, payment, and health care processes, in most cases without your written consent.  Instances of our use of your PHI:

For Treatment:  This contains such things as gaining verbal and written information about your medical ailment and treatment from you as well as from others, such as physicians who may have treated you before.  We may give your PHI to other health care workers indulged in your treatment.

For Payment:  This includes any happenings we must accept in order to get repayment for the services we deliver to you, counting such things as making medical necessity purposes and collecting unsettled accounts.

For Health Care Operations:  This comprises quality assurance activities, licensing, and training programs to confirm that our employees meet our ethics of care and follow recognized policies and procedures, as well as certain other management functions.

Use and Disclosure of PHI Without Your Approval:  AlphaCare Inc. is permitted to use PHI without your written sanction, or chance to object, in certain circumstances, and unless forbidden by a more severe state law, including:

For the treatment, payment or health operations activities of another health care worker who treats you; “For health care and legal compliance actions; To a family member, other relative, or close personal friend or other individual indulged  in your care if we obtain your verbal promise to do so or if we give you an opening to object to such a revelation and you do not advance an opposition, and in certain other situations where we are powerless to obtain your contract and believe the disclosure is in your best benefits; To a public health authority in certain states as mandatory by law (such as to report abuse, avoid domestic violence; for health oversight actions including inspections or government inquiries, examinations, corrective proceedings, and other managerial or legal actions commenced by the government (or their contractors) by law to manage the health care system; for judicial and administrative proceedings as required by a court administrative order, or in some cases in response to other legal process; “For law implementation activities in limited situations, such as when responding to a warrant; For military, nationwide defense and safety and other special government purposes; to prevent a serious danger to the health and security of a person or the public at large;” for worker’s reimbursement purposes, and in agreement with worker’s compensation laws; to coroners, medical examiners, and funeral directors for identifying a dead person, identifying cause of death, or carrying on their responsibilities as approved by law; if you are an organ contributor, we may give health information to organizations that grip organ procurement or organ, eye or tissue transplantation or to an organ donation bank, as essential to simplify organ donation and transplantation; for investigation projects, but this will be topic to strict oversight and agreements; we may also use or unveil health information about you in such a way that does not personally recognize you or expose who you are.

Any other incorporation or disclosure of PHI, other than those registered above will only be made with your written agreement.  You may cancel your sanction at any time, in writing, except to the degree that we have previously used or revealed medical information in dependence on that authorization.

Patient Rights:  Being a patient, you have a lot of rights with respect to your PHI, including:

The authority to access, copy or examine your PHI:  This means you may review and copy most of the medical information about you that we uphold.  We will normally deliver you with access to this information within a month of your appeal.  We may also charge you a rational amount for you to copy any medical information that you have the right to view.  In partial situations, we may refute you access to your medical information, and you may plea for certain types of rejections.  We have forms to retain access to your PHI and we will provide a written answer if we refute your access and update your petition rights.  You also have the right to obtain private information of your PHI.  If you wish to scrutinize and copy your medical information, you should interact with customer service.

The right to adjust your PHI:  You have the right to ask us to amend the written medical information that we may possess.  We will usually modify your information within 2 days of your demand and will inform you when we have revised the information.  We are allowed by law to repudiate your appeal to adjust your medical information only in certain situations, like when we believe the information you have asked us to amend is accurate.  If you want to appeal that we adjust the medical information that we have about you, you should email us at or call 707-408-2921.

The right to demand that we limit the uses and disclosures of your PHI:  You have the right to demand that we confine how we use and unveil the medical information that we have about you.  

When you use a credit or debit card for any of your service acquisitions, we will gather your credit or debit card data and retain a history of your purchases.  We use this information to proceed your orders/consultation, to guarantee correct delivery or services, and to better guide you when you visit us online or call us, as well as to advance our product and services contributions.

Security Measures for Online Consultation and Other Information on Our Website

Secure Consultation:  When you submit a consultation form on our website, your medical health information, credit card number, and other important details are transferred through the internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology causes your browser to encode your order data before sending it to our secure server. SSL technology and business standards are intended to prevent someone other than the operators of our website from seizing and watching your personal information.

AlphaCare Inc. also takes the succeeding precautions to shield your personal information online.

Passwords:  To provide you with an increased level of security, online access to your personal information protected with a password of your choice.  We sturdily suggest that you do not unveil your password to anyone.  AlphaCare Inc. will never ask you for your password in any unsolicited communication (including unwelcome communication such as letters, phone calls, or E-mail messages).

Order Information:  Since any lab or imaging order information you give to us on our website will be transmitted using a secure connection, if your web browser cannot maintain this level of security, you will be unable to order products through our website.  The most current versions of Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox can support a safe connection and can be downloaded for free from the particular Netscape, Microsoft and Firefox websites.

No data transmission over the internet can be definite to be 100% secure.  While we struggle to guard your personal information from illegal access, use or expose, CHA cannot confirm or warrant the safety of any information you convey to us on our website .

Internet, Electronic Mail, and the Right to Obtain Copy of Paper Notice on Request:  If we uphold a website, we will conspicuously post a duplicate of this Notice on our website.  If you permit us, we will forward you this Notice by electronic mail instead of on paper and you may always demand a paper copy of the Notice.

Patient Communications: We may connect to you about your account and perhaps offer other free services that may absolutely affect your health.

Revisions to the Notice:  AlphaCare Inc. holds the right to transform the terms of this Notice at any time, and the variations will be effective instantly and will be applicable to all protected health information that we sustain.  Any material variations to the Notice will be sharply displayed in our facilities and uploaded to our website, if we maintain one.  You can get a replica of the modern version of this Notice by contacting us via email at

Your Legal Rights and Complaints:  You also have the authority to complain to us if you believe your secrecy rights have been dishonored.  You will not be reacted in contradiction in any way for making a complaint with us or to any local, countrywide, or federal agency.  If you have any inquiries, explanations, or objections you may contact us by any of the following methods;

Phone: (707) 408-2921

Refund Policy: 

Our consultation fee is non-refundable. However, we may refund if a health care practitioner doesn’t provide you with a treatment plan or if you cancel the online consultation (terms and conditions apply.)

Contact our customer support representative to confirm whether or not you are entitled to the refund.


Medicines Aren’t Included In Consultation Fee!

We only charge for online medical consultations. You need to pay the pharmacy to get your medicines.

Pay Per Visit:

There is no contract or monthly subscriptions. Just pay your consultation fee on each visit. You can also submit a consultation form for another person (your friend or family member.)

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