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Upper Respiratory Infection Medications

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More than 200 different viruses can cause this URI viral infection. Some of the common viruses that contribute to infecting the upper respiratory system include adenoviruses, enteroviruses, coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and influenza viruses.

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Upper Respiratory Infection Treatment
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Respiratory Infection Relief

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While most URIs are self-limiting and can resolve on their own, they can be uncomfortable. Seeking prompt medical attention through telemedicine can help manage the following upper respiratory infection symptoms:

  • A scratchy, sore throat
  • Chest congestion
  • Nasal discharge
  • Constant tiredness
  • Low-grade fever

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consult a physician online and get upper respiratory infection treatment antibiotics for a quicker recovery.

Causes of Upper Respiratory Infections

Preventive Measures

For URI prevention, maintain good hygiene, avoid contaminants, limit exposure to irritants and allergens, and get vaccinations, including the flu vaccine, to reduce the risk of respiratory irritation.

Viral Infections

URIs are frequently caused by viruses like rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and influenza viruses.

Bacterial Infections

While less common, diseases caused by streptococcus bacteria can lead to URIs, particularly in the throat.

External Influences
External Influences

Exposure to irritants like allergens, smoke, or pollutants can contribute to respiratory infections.


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