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About Us

Minimize the commute, skip the lines and see your physician at your convenience. AlphaCare Inc. benefits the patients with a proactive approach to their health by providing a variety of healthcare and medical testing services and inquiries they can access right from their mobile, tablet, or computer.

AlphaCare Inc. provides the right virtual care to individuals when it’s not an emergency. We offer various medical services to address all your health needs. Partnered with specialized consultants, reliable laboratories, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers, we cater to delivering simple and fast telehealth services - affordable for everyone (patients, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and all medical staff), any time and place across the country.

Designed for the best virtual primary care, AlphaCare Inc. helps patients save lots of time by receiving e-consultations that otherwise often get wasted in finding the right physician by genuine reviews, far-off hospital destinations, and long waiting queues.

Treatment for Common Medical Problems Made Easy!

Not all physicians work round the clock, which makes it quite hard for people to find free time for appointments. The best solution to this problem is AlphaCare Inc – a telemedicine platform providing low-cost, same-day e-consultations through highly qualified, licensed physicians at any place 24/7.

People are saving time and money while getting the best medical care and Rx refills they need with AlphaCare Inc. So, why not you? Get your medications refilled on the same day or request lab tests with us and get results on time.


Refund Policy: 

Our consultation fee is non-refundable. However, we may refund if a health care practitioner doesn’t provide you with a treatment plan or if you cancel the online consultation (terms and conditions apply.)

Contact our customer support representative to confirm whether or not you are entitled to the refund.


Medicines Aren’t Included In Consultation Fee!

We only charge for online medical consultations. You need to pay the pharmacy to get your medicines.

Pay Per Visit:

There is no contract or monthly subscriptions. Just pay your consultation fee on each visit. You can also submit a consultation form for another person (your friend or family member.)

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