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Online Doctor for Herpes: Quick Care at Your Fingertips

Genital herpes is painful and affects the genitals, buttocks or upper thighs. This commonly occurring sexually transmitted disease is caused by the HSV-2 virus. Online genital herpes best treatment delivered by an experienced physician is the only way to get relief, prevent breakouts and protect your partners.

Initial symptoms include a mild fever, headache, or other flu-like conditions. The primary symptoms of this contagious infection are herpetic sores (painful blisters or ulcers). These fluid-filled bumps occur around the mouth and genitals and can break open into painful ulcers if not treated timely. Skin and vaginal irritation or fissures are also common symptoms that may appear. These symptoms may appear once a year or every few months.

Get the Best Online Herpes Medication

AlphaCare Inc. is your virtual primary care provider to help you get current outbreaks under control with a same-day genital herpes prescription online. Even if you want to decrease the chances of giving herpes to your partner, you can get daily preventive treatment for suppression.

Remember, virtual primary care providers rely on your answers to the health questions in the consultation to decide if it is safe to give you medicines for herpes. Therefore, it is important to provide us with as much as you can and accurate details about your condition to minimize the chances of prescribing anti-viral herpes medicines when you don’t in fact have genital herpes.

Enlist your symptoms and send us images (optional) so that our medical practitioners can better evaluate your condition and prescribe the right genital herpes medication online.

P.S. If it’s your first outbreak, you may need to provide a lab report for a proper diagnosis.

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