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If you practice safe intercourse and undergo regular testing, your chances are too low to be infected by trichomoniasis. However, if you suspect you are suffering from this disease, go for a lab test and get a trichomoniasis prescription online without delay.

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Trichomoniasis treatment
Trichomoniasis prescription online

Trich Treatment for Men & Women

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Men may carry trichomoniasis without noticeable symptoms; women often exhibit the signs and therefore can be easily identified.

Symptoms in Men:

Primary signs of trichomoniasis in men include itching inside the penis, burning sensation after ejaculation, frequent urination, or painful discharge from the penis.

Symptoms in Women:

Women suffering from this disease will also feel discomfort when urinating, genital soreness, itching and burning sensations, and unusual vaginal discharge with fishy smell.

If you are confident about having trichomoniasis, then list your symptoms in detail so that our doctor can prescribe the right medication.

Trichomoniasis Causes

Preventive Measures

Preventive measures for trichomoniasis include limiting your sex partners, practicing safe sexual activities, and regular screenings for early detection and treatment.

Sexual Transmission

Trichomoniasis primarily transmits through sexual contact with an infected person. Unprotected sexual activity is a significant risk factor.

Contaminated Objects

Trichomoniasis can be transmitted rarely through contact with contaminated objects such as towels or shared sex toys.

Vertical Transmission

Pregnant women with trichomoniasis can pass this infection to their babies during childbirth, leading to neonatal trichomoniasis.


If you are experiencing the discomfort of vaginal itching, painful urination, unusual discharge, or a burning sensation after ejaculation, you might be suffering from trichomoniasis. Let our healthcare practitioners help you by providing a trich treatment online for instant relief.