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Gonorrhea STD Treatment

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Both men and women can be affected by gonorrhea. This sexually transmitted disease can cause infections in your throat, rectum, and genitals. It may result in grave health complications if not diagnosed and treated timely.

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Gonorrhea Treatment Online
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Gonorrhea is usually treated with antibiotics. But before you get gonorrhea treatment online, you must know about the common symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease.

  • Burning, painful sensations during urination
  • Swelling in the testicles with moderate pain
  • Yellow, white, or even green penis or vaginal discharge
  • Itching on the penis, opening with burning sensations
  • Vaginal bleeding occurs in women between menstruations

Enlist your symptoms and send us images (optional) so that our medical practitioners can better access your condition and prescribe the right gonorrhea medication online.

Gonorrhea Causes

Preventive Measures

The key factors that contribute to gonorrhea are having several sex partners, engaging in unprotected sexual activities and transmission from an infected mother to the baby during childbirth.

Unsafe Sexual Contact

Regular check-ups for STIs are crucial, especially when you are frequently engaged in unprotected sexual activities.

Multiple Sexual Partners

Limit the number of sexual partners. Make sure they have been tested for STIs, preventing the spread of gonorrhea.

Vertical Transmission

Pregnant women should undergo routine STI screenings for early detection and treatment, preventing transmission to the newborn.


Practicing safe sex and regular screening are essential for prevention and early detection of gonorrhea. If you have concerns about gonorrhea or have lost your medications, consider consulting our healthcare professional and get prescription for gonorrhea to manage common symptoms.