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The Causes and Symptoms of Urethritis in Men: An Informational Guide

An overview of urethritis in men - Infectious and Non-Infectious causes of an itchy urethra

The urethra is an organized channel through which urine drains from the bladder to the outside of the body. Sometimes it gets ill called Urethritis. Therefore, owing to this, those from 20 to 35 years of age belong to the group suffering from this effect. The resultant effects of inflammation are usually pain, soreness, aches, weird feelings, and other undesirable sensations.

Inflammation ultimately leads to pain, discomfort, and other unpleasant sensations. The first thing is to be able to recognize the symptoms and origins of this disease to get an adequate diagnosis and good treatment. Urethritis is on the list of most infectious conditions in sexually active people and being asked what has caused it is almost always the case. 

There are varied factors (both infectious and non-infectious causes) in place to secure it that are all necessarily involved. Bacterial-based infections typically develop as a result of sexual contact. Probably the most prevalent types of infections are bacteria-attributed infections.
This comprehensive guide delves into the ins and outs of urethritis in men, shedding light on its main reasons, symptoms, and the wide range of available treatments.

Causes of Urethritis

Here are some of the main causes of urethritis in males:

  1. Urethritis is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that sexually active teenagers are most likely to experience. Its causes always occur more or less frequently. Hence, securing its place, we find a large number of agents represented, of which some are infectious and some are non-infectious diseases.
  2. Typically, urethritis will come with bacterial infections, the majority of which are sexually transmitted. This occurs during sexual contact. The most prevalent infections are those that are caused by bacteria.
  3. Medical authorities reveal that Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae are the agents that are most often and frequently linked with the causation of urethritis. 
  4. However, on engagement in sexual practice involving the non-use of protection, there may be seeking of these organisms into the urethra, and subsequently, it can lead to symptoms connected with inflammation.
  5. Urealytica ureaplasma and Mycoplasma genitalium are likewise the bacterial causes of urethritis, although their occurrence may not be as frequent as those that are common in causing the disease. 
  6. In turn, it can originate from viral infections like herpes simplex virus (HSV) and human papillomavirus (HPV) though their prevalence is pretty low compared to bacterial infections.
  7. Urethritis can also be non-infectious and may be triggered by some causes such as, chemical irritation, trauma to the urethra, as well as autoimmune diseases. In addition to the various infectious agents that cause it, urethritis is acquired through sexually transmitted infections.

Symptoms of Urethritis

Symptoms of urethritis should be a signal to an individual to seek medical consultation as a matter of priority and receive a proper prescription for this condition. It is both the grade and factor of inflammation and the original cause of the illness that can affect the development of symptoms. And the symptoms, regardless of time, may vary.

1: A painful or burning feeling

The burning sensation while urinating is one of the most obvious symptoms of urethritis. You can experience this at any time during the process. It is common for this discomfort to be brought on by inflammation of the urethral lining, which is what makes the process of voiding urine such an unpleasant experience.

2: An increased need to urinate or defecate

It is possible for men who suffer from urethritis to experience an increased urge to urinate, even when their bladder is not full. This chronic need may be accompanied by a feeling of urgency to relieve oneself, which may result in the disruption of activities that are performed daily.

3: Increased redness or swelling of the entrance of the urethra

Therefore, if it is inflamed, either red or swollen, the urethra cannot change the urethral aperture and its findings. In addition to the first two factors mentioned above, inflammation can also bring about these two alterations. According to the other parameter, the redness, swelling, or irritation around the tip of the penis could be a sign of urethritis.

There is a probability that patients with severe types of urethritis will be accompanied by a condition called hematuria, which is visible as blood in the urine. In this regard, blood being brought into the urine could be an indicator. The urine can have a variety of colors, ranging from pink and crimson to even cola-colored – and as it is, prompt medical attention is needed as soon as possible.

4: Penile fluid release 

It is characterized by a sensation that is both painful and burning when the individual is urinating. The presence of blood in the urine, frequent impulses to urinate, and redness or swelling of the urethral entrance are all symptoms that require medical attention.

Urethritis in Men Treatment

Men with inflammation of the urethra should be treated online because the approach to the causes of the disease and the relief signs treatment are both essential components of effective therapy. The following are some possible ways for male urethritis treatment:

1. Antibiotic Therapy

The most common causes of urethritis are bacterial infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. These infections can be effectively treated with antibiotics like azithromycin or doxycycline, which should be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

The purpose of this treatment is to kill the germ that could be behind the disease. This will help the patient to have a good recovery.

2. Antiviral Drugs

On the other hand, antiviral agents used against viral infections of genital tract urethritis, such as the herpes simplex virus (HSV), might be powerful enough to make these drugs more suitable for treatment. The medicines prescribed to them are called antiviral medicines. 

They slow down the multiplication of the virus and make people healthy again. Along with the overall reduction in pain, these pills also have the option of reducing the severity of rashes.

3. Symptomatic Relief

To eliminate the symptoms in both cases of urethritis and seborrheic dermatitis, your doctor may ask you to take the pain medications available over the counter. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are examples of these antipyretics. Additionally, hydrocortisone and fluocinonide creams may be helpful because they work to alleviate obstinate symptoms like inflammation and irritation.

4. Without Sexual Abstinence

Undoubtedly, no sexual contact and the use of condoms as a barrier that prevents the bacteria and viruses of urethritis from getting to the body can surely aid in preventing the transmission of such pathogens, which can result in one contracting the disease.

5. Follow-up Care

To ensure that the disease will be completely cured, the doctor needs to order more tests. It is necessary to order additional tests for patients who have urethritis. A follow-up plan for urethritis treatment online like this can be based on tests for sexually transmitted diseases and visits regularly for preventive measures.

Prevention can be carried out by knowledgeable people, as they will be aware of the ways of controlling it and the underlying causes of urethritis and its contemporary treatment options. If you are suffering from these symptoms, it is recommended that you have a telehealth prescription refill.

In a Nutshell

Male urethritis is a frequent ailment that is defined by inflammation of the urethra. The infection is usually otherwise typified by bacterial, viral, or sometimes nonspecific causes that trigger it. Three things are needed to have an appropriate and quick diagnosis and treatment: signs, symptoms, and prompt help from professional medical doctors.

A Note From Alphacare Inc.

You may have urethritis if you experience discomfort or itching while urinating. Having unprotected intercourse and being sexually active increase your chances of receiving this diagnosis. As soon as possible, you should schedule a visit with your healthcare provider.

You will be questioned by your provider about your sexual history. In order to get the best diagnosis and treatment, it is imperative that you be completely honest with your physician regarding your sexual activity. This may aid in the management of your urethritis.


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