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Best Treatment for Syphilis Amid Rise in Reported Cases

Get a concise overview of the rising syphilis cases and find answers to your pressing questions in this blog.

Syphilis - a sexually transmitted disease has been on the rise in recent years. Due to its acute symptoms and complications, the STD is often perceived as untreatable. This, however, is a misconception. Because with timely and appropriate medical intervention, you can completely get it away.

This blog can help you have a microscopic overview of the ever-multiplying cases. It also answers some of your pressing syphilis-related queries, including but not limited to the best treatment for syphilis.

Rising Cases

Sexually transmitted Syphilis cases have been creeping up for the last two decades. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that 7.1 million cases were registered in 2020. 
The no. of primary & secondary cases increased by 30% all across the United States, with women cases rising by 55%.

Eight million adults aged 15 to 49, on the contrary, were tested syphilis-positive in 2022. Since 2012, each subsequent year has marked an uptick compared to the former one. 

Unsurprisingly, the continued disparities in healthcare facilities have resulted in more younger women contracting congenital infections, leading to a 30% increase in newborn cases.

In the running year, we are seeing adult cases climbing compared to previous years. With this, a dramatic rise in the number of newborn cases, owing to congenital syphilis, is also spinning out of control. 

This rapid rise has been attributed to several factors such as meager public health funding, lack of awareness, and the social & historical stigma associated with STDs.

For now, we are, indubitably, months away from the official publication of 2023 “reported-cases” data. It is, but hard to imagine what the results will be. Perhaps, the reports so far are tolling alarming bells about the dreary forthcoming results.

What if I’m syphilitic?

Amidst such unsparing circumstances, the possibility exists that you too are infected. 

In such a case, acknowledging your health condition is what matters most. No matter what people say, remember that being syphilis-positive is not something to be ashamed of. It’s a quite normal disease. Not a taboo. There are millions of positive cases tested and living out there.  

What matters is seeking medical attention to have a sound understanding of your ongoing health status. This is your stepping stone towards healing. By so doing, you can prevent aggravation and further transmission to those around you.

Even a bit of negligence towards diagnosis or even not having a sound knowledge of the disease can thwart your recovery. Not only would you be on the ropes, but those whom you are intimate with could also have to encounter negative health consequences.

To illustrate the damaging effects of an untreated infection, let’s have a look at a notable case study conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS):

When there was no cure for syphilis, the Public Health Service (PHS) began a study to observe the progression of the disease. Six hundred African American male sharecroppers were promised free medical care for participating in the study. These men had never seen a doctor.

Of the participants, 399 had syphilis, and 201 were healthy. Penicillin, the infection-curing antibiotic was the-then yet to be manufactured. Therefore, the doctors superficially injected them with placebos (aspirin) and mineral supplements instead so as to make them feel under treatment. 

Mirroring reality, the medics allowed the disease to run its course to observe its effects.

The syphilitic patients consequently had to suffer through some grave health issues, the likes of, insanity and blindness. Many had to lose their lives. Despite the gruesome symptoms, those who had lived through infected 40 spouses, and in turn, 19 syphilitic children had to step into this world.

The experimentation, popularly known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, though is a painful reminder of unethical medical practices, yet, at the same time, shows us the ill effects of the untreated infection, inc. physical and mental health damages. 

Silver lining for syphilitic patients

Since you are not alone and the only one affected among such a huge 'case base,' you need not involve yourself in unnecessary hurries and worries. With telehealth gaining popularity due to the ease it provides to patients, online support is in place for you. Get syphilis treatment online with doctor consultation, prescription and order lab tests.

Reach out to AlphacareInc. and consult US-licensed health experts who are best known for curing a long list of syphilitic cases for ages. 

We prioritize your well-being - for it, your life, and the lives of those associated with you are precious. We are a staunch believer that a cure should always be within reach.

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Post-treatment facts you are unaware of:

Once you have undergone medical treatment for syphilis, it is important to note that:

  • You will be healthy and unable to transmit the infection.
  • Treatment does not develop immunity. Therefore, you can contract the infection again if exposed to the bacteria.
  • Follow-up blood tests are required to measure the success rate of the treatment and to monitor for any signs of reinfection.
  • Sores, rashes, or other symptoms will resolve slowly but surely. 
  • Damage caused by tertiary-stage syphilis is irreparable.
  • Strictly speaking, avoid sexual contact until the infection is fully cured. 

When do I have to get retested?

After getting treated, follow-up tests are essential. The retesting time is largely dependent on the stages of your disease and the type of treatment you received. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I get syphilis treatment online?
    With telehealth becoming popular, especially after COVID-19, you can get syphilis treatment online. Without any iota of doubt, this way, you can save your commute costs, time, and energy. 
  2. Is it possible to get syphilis medication online?
    For sure. Using telehealth applications like Alphacare Inc., you can consult a doctor and get your medical prescription all while sitting within the confines of your home.

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