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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment: Causes and Symptoms

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment (bv) : Patient education

Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection in females throughout the world. It is commonly known as (BV). It is a vaginal infection caused by the outgrown bacteria or when the level of bacteria goes out of balance, BV happens. Bacterial vaginosis treatment is very important to prevent developing further complications. If it is not treated on time, it causes other severe diseases.

Good bacterias are vital for the vagina, but excess of everything is terrible. When the bacteria exceeds too much, it can cause BV. It makes the vagina smelly, itchy and irritated. You have to keep in mind that it is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis in Females

The turning of good bacteria into bad bacteria is severely harmful and causes Bacterial Vaginosis. Other than that, some other causes play a significant role in boosting bacterial vaginosis. It disturbs the pH of the vagina. 

But, fret not! This situation does not last long and the best BV treatment is all you need to cure this nasty situation. Have a look at these steps and stop doing it today if you are doing any. Here are these:

  • Douching 
  • Sexual contact with multiple partners 
  • Using scented products down there
  • Unprotected sex and unhygienic sex equipment
  • Not using condoms or dental dams
  • Having a sex partner having BV  

These steps play a strong role in developing BV. It is important to stay away from sexual activities during this condition. Otherwise, you might end up transferring this disease to others.

Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms

Various symptoms help identify this nasty situation called bacterial vaginosis. Identifying the BV symptoms should be the first step to recovery. The symptoms of BV vary from person to person. Some might show various symptoms and some might not. The sooner you diagnose the symptoms, the more it will be beneficial in curing the illness. Symptoms of BV in women include these:

Symptoms for BV

  • Watery discharge from the vagina 
  • The fishy odor from the vagina
  • Itching in vagina 
  • Burning sensation while urinating

There is no hard and fast rule that females should get the same symptoms as others. But, somehow, most females with BV get the symptoms mentioned above.

Is Bacterial Vaginosis Contagious?

It is a non-contagious infection with many causes of bacterial vaginosis. Usually, it does not spread from person to person. But, if you are sexually active with a female having BV, then you might be at risk and catch this infection as well. Moreover, it is better to stay away until the infection is over. BV prescription online is available and it is very crucial to resolve this issue once you notice any symptoms.

What is the Best BV Treatment?

Remember a healthy vagina does not show any symptoms or foul smell. The minute you notice any changes and symptoms in your vagina, consult your healthcare professional immediately. The healthcare professional can prescribe you antibiotics that are typically:

  • Clindamycin
  • Metronidazole

These antibiotics are considered one of the best for treating bacterial vaginosis. These medications come in cream or gel form and are easy to apply. You can insert them into your vagina and let them do their work. Your doctor might prescribe you some pills to take orally.
It is crucial to finish the course of antibiotics as your doctor suggests. If you stop using it right in between, it increases the risks of getting BV again in the worst condition.

Is There any Home Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis?

There is no such treatment for BV at home. Also, self-medication can be harmful. So, consider visiting your doctor in person or consult via telehealth. Your doctor can suggest some good tips or medication. So, once you notice any symptoms, do not waste time and consult the doctor immediately.

How long does bacterial vaginosis last?

It all depends on the right care and treatment. If you start getting treatment early, you will become BV-free sooner. Usually, it takes a week to heal and properly eliminate. It does not require another round of medication or treatment. But, if the condition is worse, you might need another round and physical check-up. There is also a possibility that if you stop consuming the medication right between the courses, BV might happen to you.

Preventive Measures to Lower the Risk of Bacterial Vaginosis 

Bacteria live everywhere in our bodies. So, it is not right if we say we are free of bacteria. Some bacteria are good and some are bad for us. You can not correctly prevent BV. However, some precautions could reduce the risk of BV. Let's have a look:

  • Avoid douching
  • Avoid vaginal contact with anything that has touched your butt
  • Limit your number of sex partners
  • Wear cotton or cotton-lined underwear
  • Use latex condoms or dental dam

Can I Get BV Multiple Times? 

The answer is Yes! You definitely can get bacterial vaginosis again in your lifetime. Up to 75% of people have claimed to get this situation again. So, keep your hygiene to the utmost and perform safe sex to prevent the further spread of this condition. It is very crucial to consult the doctor and start your treatment sooner otherwise it will cause major concerns for the vagina and ovary. 

Prevention from Bacterial Vaginosis 

You can prevent Bacterial Vaginosis from happening again and again. It is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. Other than that, cleaning and taking care of our private parts is very crucial. The more you take care of your vagina, the more it will be protected from diseases or infections.

In a Nutshell

BV is not a rare possibility and can happen to anyone. Every female can get this at least once in their lifetime. Understanding the causes, identifying the symptoms, and seeking proper treatment are some of the effective ways to manage and prevent BV in the future. Online consultations are critical for people who are uncomfortable going out and meeting in person with their doctor. 

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Treatment Online doctor treatments are more private and comfortable. You just have to submit your details and information about what is going on with you. Your doctor will prescribe medication to you accordingly. So, with all the care and hygiene, check yourself regularly to avoid such infections.


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